Public Disservice Announcement



Like you good folks, I am quite busy, and enjoy less than ideal sleep patterns (thanks to an acquired brain injury I suffered some years back). To make matters worse, I eat poorly (but drink rather well, craft beer and filtered water only). Therefore, I will be changing my one post a day format to thrice weekly. 

This means, of course, an uptick in the quality of the material: more gags about butlers and negative bond yields. No more squirrel (tree rat) and caveman gags.

Don’t think of it as losing 4 cartoons a week. Think of it as gaining extra time to browse possibly more interesting blogs. And gaining a son.  

Inevitably, I’ve had to lay off several faithful employees. However, I have richly compensated them with generous severance packages of bags of single socks.

I love drawing toons and will do so until the wheels come off. As always, I am grateful for the likes and your supportive comments.

And now, a photo of a dog eating a lemon.