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Cruise ship 2

The Magic Kingdom Dissected

The subdivisions of MK is: Frontierland, Tomorrowland, Adventureland, Fantasyland, I forgot the others, Algebraland, I think. We spent the most time in Tomorrowland. We saw a Monsters Inc show, called the Scare Floor, with ‘scare’ crossed out, replaced with ‘laugh’. It was quite cool with CG in real time, so they reacted to the audience – can’t figure out how they did that, then I remembered it was the MAGIC Kingdom. BTW, why was Cinderella such a rubbish soccer player? Her coach was a pumpkin. (rimshot)

We also saw a Lilo and Stitch show that was way too scary for the kids, what with a period of pitch blackness, with a small monster creeping about. Raiden had to bail before the show started due to some scary animatronics. A really cool show was called Philharmagic, with CG in 3D with added FX that made it 4D!! Donald Duck with a full orchestra, in a huge IMAX like screen. You got wet and real wind FX which mirrored the action on the screen – only at Disney!

What the kids enjoyed above all were the gas-powered cars at Speedway in Tomorrowland – went on THAT one several times. It was a life-sized nascar track, minus a pit crew and buck-toothed audience members. The fun part was, of course, the things you weren’t allowed to do: crashing into the people in front of you was not considered the Disney way. But, man, was it ever satisfying to make a resounding crash as u plowed into the hapless person(s) in front of you, immediately negating their Disney experience!

We almost got autographs from Tigger and Pooh, but they were overdue for their break and had to split. But, we high-fived them as they sprinted past us on the way to a nearby am/pm for a smoke!!! If we were better organized, a schedule could have been worked out, and we could have gotten more autographs – there is a schedule pamphlet dealy for each day.

OK, by the time we saw Pooh and his cohort, it was late in the afternoon; it had showered, we were soggy with sweat, as well. We had eaten a pricey lunch at Casey’s, a baseball themed restaurant. So, hot dogs featured prominently on the menu. They actually pitched the food at you as you squatted behind home plate, cool eh? OK, no, but they did all wear baseball unies which has been a personal fantasy of mine – to be served food by overpaid athletes, even if they are only DRESSED as such.


Regrets, we had a few . . .

We moaned a lot about the crapload we DIDN’T do, but we only had ONE day, for the love of Pete. So, at the end of the day, we were SPENT, in all senses of the word. It would have been tantamount to murder NOT to have visited DW having been in Orlando. We enjoyed it, except when we didn’t enjoy it. Sensory overload, kind of like seeing life thru IMAX glasses, with overpriced snacks. Raiden was too young for a lot of it, Gabby probably had a better time of it. O well, we tried to adhere to the adage, not to moan about if only we had done THIS or THAT, but that it DID happen.

next installment, PART 3, the cruz ship . . .


First arrival at Port Canaveral

Body cavity searches for everyone – yee-hah!

We slept the sleep of the dead, after our day in DW, and emerged from our hotel with our 9 or so bags in tow. One bag only had shoes in it, as mentioned. I only mention it so you can have a chuckle. There. Done? Let’s move on.

We met a pleasant Haitian man named Rodolfo who ran us to the airport in order to get our comped shuttle to Port Canaveral. We promised Rodolfo to pass on his name to the Vancouverites who would be coming in the future, who might need transfers etc. We got on our shuttle bus, which was packed with an average age group of 60. Kids? None. Had we got on some seniors outing bus? In a way.

An hour later we arrived at Port Canaveral, which is, apparently, one of the busiest cruise ship ports in the world. As we drew near, we could see our ship – being 1,000 feet long, it was hard to miss – the Carnival Glory. There were other ships there too, of course. We became excited and anxious for nautical adventures and our breathing became shallow. It was our first time into a cruise ship! And about (aboot, if you’re a Canook) an hour later, after jumping thru MANY hoops, we were actually on board!!! We checked, it was the correct ship, not on bound for Newfoundland.

First there was US immigration, then the setting up of your SAIL and SIGN card. It is the card that is the key to your stateroom AND your debit/credit card to which all purchases could go thru. Everyone got one, but the kids, of course, could not charge stuff! I know, life’s not fair. So, basically, everytime u buy something, order a drink on the ship, you showed your card, sign a receipt, and then recoil in horror at the end of the cruise at the largesse accrued on the bill. Something we were used to at home!

A couple of searches later, comprising of shoving stuff thru machinery for detecting bombs ‘n’ such. Our checked/carry on bags were already on the ship, to be delivered to our stateroom an hour later. Funnily enough, the only bag that did not arrive was the one with shoes in it! (We got it several hours later, the tags had fallen off)


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