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Don’t It Always Seem To Go

Nothing, and I mean nothing, brings me more joy (okay, with the possible exception of the birth of my children, and a total solar eclipse) than seeing a big dog in a small car.


Who, pray tell, put this car around me?


Here is an exquisite example of that. Like the Joni Mitchell song. They paved paradise, then I saw a malamute in the mall parking lot. Sorry, took a lot of liberties with that one.

Though I’ll occasionally reach in and pet a carbound dog, with this one, there was no reassuring tail wag or ear drop. My kids, likewise, were leery of putting their hands into the maw, which I thoughtfully did not judge them for. A wise car thief might have managed it by the old ‘Porterhouse pre-emptive’, if you get my drift.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t It Always Seem To Go

  1. Wow! Three! We had just one dog before, Laika would fog up the windows with his incessant barking and whining, he hated car trips. On one memorable occasion, after filling the car with canine halitosis, he had an ‘accident’ (somewhere in the state of Washington) – mum spritzed the car with her perfume, creating a new and horrifying scent.

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