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Somewhere I Have Never Travelled . . .

Somewhere I have never travelled . . .(E. E. Cummings) And possibly never will again. (me)

We were passing through Seattle recently to stay with friends near Tacoma. This is the famed gum wall in Seattle. It is below Pike Place, the epicentre of the Starbucks empire. The gum wall is not to be mistaken with that bridge in Paris that lovers attach padlocks to. It is the same sentiment, though. You may park your Frappacino infused gum here, in the absence of a handy underside of a school desk. Then you may return to it year after year until they need to blast it off in 20 years when it becomes an environmental disaster.

The smell is quite indescribable. Not in a good way. It is situated in a tunnel, that amplifies this smell. The gum wall has been described as the ‘germiest’ such place, possibly by one Niles Crane. Still, such places fascinate and intrigue me. I watched as tourists pass through, hankies over mouths, marvelling at the existence of such a place.Image 2017-08-07 at 1.08 AM.jpeg


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  1. Haha, yes. Given all that DNA ,warmth, and the conditions it might give rise to some mutated lifeforms, like in the Miyazaki films!

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