2 thoughts on “The Hugging Pandemic

  1. Asians don’t hug! I go to Japanese American Methodist Church. I dropped out for a while and when I returned I was so excited to see all the people I grew up with and the back then young grownups now elderly I started giving out hugs. At first everybody was like a stick. Now most people are either resigned to getting hugs for me or have grown to kind of like them👘🤔. Anyway now they all hug back😏

  2. Haha. Thx for the comment! Our Brazilian students are the polar opposite of Japanese and will dole out hugs on first meeting, as opposed to a handshake! Very disconcerting to we prickly Japanese. Don’t remember EVER hugging my father, and I won’t start now as he’s 93 and that could actually kill him. My Mom, (English ex-pat) hugs and we endure it.

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