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They Were Terrible, But Handy


Not exactly a Christmasy gag, though he is a festive green colour, but, hey, thinking ahead is not my strong suit.

Let this be a ‘shout-out’ to all those who have liked and followed me through the year. A hearty THANK YOU. I still get a frisson of joy whenever I get that ‘like’ or comment.

Warm regards to you all, and a Merry Christmas!


Vancouver, Canada (The Great White North)


I've drawn cartoons since I was six or so. Mostly Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote comics back then. Nothing gives me more pleasure (except a cross court backhand winner) than thinking up a good gag and drawing it. Do follow me on INSTAGRAM @wiltoons. There, you will find that my 'toons are a little more autobiographical in nature. Thanks for dropping by!

5 thoughts on “They Were Terrible, But Handy

  1. I see your profile name no longer makes it plain that you didit. You can’t fool me.
    Seasons merry consumptious wishes and happy nostalgic reveries to you too.

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