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Pirate Ship


One of the joys of living on the (West, though some wags refer to it as ‘Wet’) coast, are the variety of watercraft that one comes across. Here is what appears to be a pirate ship, no doubt docked here to traffic its plunder, but not a pirate to be found. Likely they are enjoying a pleasant shore leave at a Motel 6.

I imagine, armed with their cutlasses, and selfie sticks, they were hitting all the local tourist spots. I am confident that while there is likely a ‘talk like a pirate’ policy on board, actual piratical activities are restricted. Keel hauling and plank walking would be real crowd pleasers, in this writer’s opinion.


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2 thoughts on “Pirate Ship

  1. Proper pirates seen here in the UK at Brixham (Mrs Bryntin’s home town) once a year. Place is full of them, music making, battling with cutlasses and cannons and evading the law. I half expect to be tapped up by the excise men at any moment for non-payment of import duties for Mrs Bryntin…

  2. Hello Bryntin. What an interesting concept! It would be ruined here by our overly PC nanny state government. If it wasn’t ruined by drunken rowdiness. With recreational weed legalization around the corner here, who knows what THAT would look like. A lot of people sitting around staring off into space, I suppose.

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