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Two Minutes, For Looking So Good

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This is the demographic advertisers pay the least heed to. At least when it comes to the ‘sexier’ things, electronics, clothing, and cars. (Matthew McConaughey notwithstanding) What we get is vitamins, insurance, and Viagra. After living a hard-won life of scrimping and saving, do we really want pants with plastic windows where the knees are? We have seen it all, and some of it twice.

As I age, clothes will become curtains with which to shroud the decay and degradation that my body will undergo. If we were all handed out rompers after a certain age, I think that we would be happier for it. Many’s the time that I have stared into my closet and stood stockstill in a paralysis of choice. An unbidden thought crosses my mind at this juncture: how much easier life would be if we just ventured out in our birthday suits. How offensive such a sight would be for the younger folks, as we traipsed around, reminding them of their mortality.


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2 thoughts on “Two Minutes, For Looking So Good

  1. Very funny! And so true! I have lived long enough to get kicked out of every demographic that advertisers care about.

    As for clothes, I pretty much just go for things which make me invisible. I am pretty effective at that.

    If I were rich enough, I would dress very eccentric. Like bright plaid suits with paisley cummerbunds and blue ankle boots and a monocle. But I’m not rich …. so cargo shorts and T-shirts it is!

  2. I assure you that if I saw you approaching, wearing that get-up, I would affect an immediate street crossing. Or concentrate VERY hard on my smart phone. Always enjoy your comments Biff!

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