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How To Like Stuff Your Wife Likes


No blog post is without a grain of truth. It is very difficult to get the conversation around to scrapbooking, when all my male friends and relations want to talk about is what’s under the hood, or what Trump tweeted. In a fit of creativity, I scrapbooked all our kids’ activities from about aged 2 til 10. It took weeks. It was incredibly satisfying, and I even brought the whole mess to work to do on my break, on occasion. You see, I seldom do new things by half measures, which can be exhausting but exhilarating. I really should see someone about this.


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  1. In a bizarre way it was a competitive thing. Well, I showed my wife who’s boss at scrapbooking! I haven’t done it years though, so another terabyte or so of pics to go through. Thanks for commenting Candice.

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