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Poo Sign Stages



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6 thoughts on “Poo Sign Stages

  1. Walking in the park in Kindersley I saw a sign, “Considerate people clean up after their pets. In Kindersley it’s the LAW!” Not quite a taser warning. They also very nicely provided the bags at several locations along the way.

    1. Yes, that is the way you do it. Respectfully and not treating them like the enemy. Should that fail, of course, might be time to charge up ol’ Sparky.

  2. Man, I can so relate to this! It drives me crazy when I go to the park and there are so many obvious examples of irresponsible pet owners. I’m all for just tasing the owners and not the pets. The pets are just being what they are. The people are the ones being complete and utter jackasses.

    1. (pulls up soap box) You are right, Biff. SMH. Let us exclude dogs from the equation! After all, they are only along for the ride. It is almost like a virus of self-absorption drifting through the country. Another pet peeve of mine (I have school aged kids) are parents dropping kids off at school, cell phone in full use. Now, there seems to be so many more ways to be run over.

      (Spoken in Nick Nolte’s voice: In my day we didn’t use seatbelts. We believed in flying free of the vehicle in the case of a mishap. Also, speeding was usually the only way you could be run over. You had to be damn good at dodging. Oh, and one could be run over by a better CLASS of vehicle, none of these Tercels, or Accords.) End rant.

      1. That is a fine soapbox you’ve got there, Wilt! Excellent craftsmanship. Top-notch materials. Sturdy design. I hope I can borrow it sometime.

        And totally agree with you about the non-parental parents who simply cannot be bothered with their own offspring. I often wonder why some people even have kids. They seem like it is the most major inconvenience of their lives.

        I, too, remember the days of no seatbelts in cars. And even when they came along and were mandated by the gub’mint, I heard all of my elders say many times exactly what you said. “I don’t want to be pinned in the car in an accident. I want to be thrown clear!” I remember thinking as a child, of the excruciating pain of being thrown through a quarter inch of safety glass. Oh well … to each their own.

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