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Nuisance Bears


A fed bear is a dead bear. This charming bit of propaganda has been brought about by idiots and Instagram (the Twitter for people who like to go outside) devotees who like to feed wildlife. In turn, the wildlife (usually bears) become used to looking to humanity for sustenance. This leads to many unpleasant bear/human interactions. They then are deemed as ‘nuisance bears’ and either are relocated or, in a majority of cases, euthanized.

These are like those All You Can Eat restaurants for bears.

Where we live, in British Columbia, the problem is rampant. The urban centres are not immune to frequent visitations by bears, and smaller wildlife. It saddens and maddens me, by turns, that people continue to feed bears, dooming them in the process.

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Do not feed the bears, but feeding my ego is A-ok! Comments welcome!


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8 thoughts on “Nuisance Bears

  1. Ummm… I quite like bears, in fact my twitter handle is @relocatedbear. I like restaurants rather than dumpsters though.

    If I found my home was reduced to the equivalent of just my back yard and all means of finding enough to eat and staying alive was removed from me then I might wander about looking for even the smallest amount of nutrition I could find anywhere.
    Bears aren’t the nuisance really.

    1. Yes, Bear (or is it Bryntin), well said. Love bears, me, but they are wild beasts.This, in spite of their legacy of cuteness, thanks to plush toys and Yogi bear. I would love to relocate a few human beings – in the cover of darkness with the aid of blow darts. Have them awaken in a pasture far far away. Pretty sure that breaks a commandment or two.

      1. As you well know Mr Wilt, Bryntin is the figment of someone’s imagination about whose words it is rare to utter the phrase ‘well said’… ;)

  2. We lived near Riding Mountain Park in Manitoba many years ago. The odd bear could be met on one of the many walking trails in the park, and the odd bear would wander into town from time to time. Most bears that hung around town or near the highway were relocated, but sadly, some had to be euthanized. People should pay attention to the signs that warn them not to feed the bears.

  3. Signs are an invitation to throw something on social media to see i it sticks IMO.

    The odd bear wandering into town made me imagine a bear wearing country bumpkin garb, lumbering past shop windows, corn dog in on one huge paw!

    I’ve been to Riding Mountain a few times back when I was a cub! Mostly Kenora for fishing trips, I imagine the place is full of sashimi-loving bears.

    Thanks for your comment Candice.

  4. There have been 44 bear sightings in the Ottawa-Gatineau area this month. Most have been successfully relocated to the woods, far far away. One was hit my a car and had to be put down. Apparently they are wandering into town because of the hot summer we have had. I don’t think we have ever had so many bears appearing. I would like to think that most people know better than to feed them, but I am probably just naive. 🐻

    1. Great comment there Anne. I was not aware of your frequent bear sightings out there in the East! Americans must think we are lousy with bears up here. My brother in law hit one on the Sea-to-Sky highway. Got up and lumbered away. (to the nearest walk-in clinic, I imagine)

      I worked at the airport for many years – I saw a LOT of antlers going down the special baggage chute this time of year, victims of American hunters. No bears though, they use Nexus lol.

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