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Make Your Reservations Now




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6 thoughts on “Make Your Reservations Now

  1. It’s amazing what some dogs will eat. The item doesn’t even need to be food-related. I’ve been watching a series called Bondi Vet and various dogs in their emergency treatment room had swallowed: a needle and its attached thread, a bikini strap, part of a toy. Another dog gulped down an ice cream stick, which at least made some sense. Fortunately, all of these mishaps had a happy ending for the dog…not so much for the human’s wallet.

    1. Great comment there. I love those shows – restores my hope in mankind, which starts to wane by Thursday. Our late lab cross Rosie devoured a jumbo Toblerone bar and an entire loaf of bread. No vet was required, to our surprise.

  2. Growing up our dog Max made a running leap and grabbed a full chocolate bar out of my brother’s girlfriend’s hand as she was about to take a bite. He also ate one of my friend’s shoes.

  3. I love the bones off dogs nevertheless (excuse pun) – their life is just a never-ending quest for food! Heh heh are we that different?

  4. Great! Now I have a hankering for a corn dog. Thanks for that!

    Luckily, the State Fair of Texas will be in town in a few weeks and there will be corny dogs galore.

  5. Corn dogs are one of the icons of childhood. Consuming one as a grown-up is faintly sacriligious – like enjoying a candy apple. I hope you will post your impressions of that state fair!

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