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There Goes the Five Star Rating


Bonus Friday Cartoon!



I've drawn cartoons since I was six or so. Mostly Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote comics back then. Nothing gives me more pleasure (except a cross court backhand winner) than thinking up a good gag and drawing it. Or a bad one.

9 thoughts on “There Goes the Five Star Rating

      1. That’s harsh. I just meant that one time we were seated by the door to the kitchen and I think they must have been using a jackhammer back there…
        We were like, “Nice night.”
        “I said, ‘NICE NIGHT.'”

      1. It makes me laugh, the phrase ‘pre-complain’. We must be so pessimistic about outcomes that we must try to preempt them. It’s an occult power we adults have, just as we had the power of ESP as parents.

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