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I Gotta Be Me!

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This is a bit of change of pace, with a bit more writing within, as I navigate more autobiographical waters. It is still cartoon-y, as you can see, and may satisfy some of you who wish I would write more. For those who don’t, well, I do ‘not writing’ very well, too!

I do quite a bit more of this sort of content on my Instagram account (@wiltoons), so if you like it, you are more than welcome to follow me there.


I've drawn cartoons since I was six or so. Mostly Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote comics back then. Nothing gives me more pleasure (except a cross court backhand winner) than thinking up a good gag and drawing it. Do follow me on INSTAGRAM @wiltoons. There, you will find that my 'toons are a little more autobiographical in nature. Thanks for dropping by!

9 thoughts on “I Gotta Be Me!

  1. I like the new wordy style. Of course, I liked the old style, too.

    You had me at “Inscrutable oriental thoughts” and “Werther’s … Pocket warmed.”

    Can’t wait to see more!

    1. I hear you! I have been neglecting my writing pen of late, and I can’t promise it won’t happen again. As they say about striking hot irons . . .

  2. I really liked this. Interesting and amusing.

    I didn’t smile much when I was very little (long, convoluted story which basically amounts to one time I was told I had buck-teeth and I became very conscious about it) and adults kept going all error 404, page not found about it.

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment. Ah those offhand comments that follow you to adulthood. ‘Hey kid with the weird face’ et al.

  3. Nice work Wilt.
    I think it is a case of other way round for me, I was a lively child but much more deadpan these days. I think the stroke changed my overall emotive demeanour… Loads of mischief and madness going on inside my head though!

  4. Thanks for the lovely comment Bryntin. As a kid, I quickly learned how to navigate the adult world through subterfuge and fakery. (not like now where we are all straight with one another haha) With my chums, however, I was as animated as a Mel Blanc character, and became a class stand-up comic of sorts. An upcoming post will tell all.
    BTW a brain injury does that to you, even tho inside things haven’t slowed down at all. My wife likes to say that I have ‘special needs’, that obnoxious catch-all for being a bit thick.

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