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Not like the well-adjusted lad I am now.


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10 thoughts on “Forts

  1. This is one of my favorite ‘toons of yours ever! It is so relatable since I, too, grew up as a child with too much imagination, too much free time, and not enough internet (as it had not been invented yet). I built forts out of anything and everything. As per your brilliant line, most of them did not survive the day. Grown-ups, for whatever reason, seemed to have something against forts and so tore them down whenever they found them (along with my hopes and dreams). Hey … whose fault was it that there was no internet?

    1. Terrific comment! I am dead chuffed that it is relatable to you! Forts were a huge part of my early childhood. We would patrol the neighbourhoods for discarded carpet, boards etc, best time ever!

      1. Oh, it’s VERY relatable! When I was a kid we lived near a company of some sort that was forever throwing away wooden pallets and wooden shipping boxes. So naturally I went down and “appropriated” lots of them to make my elaborate forts with. Man, those were good times! I’m surprised I didn’t go into the building trades. I enjoyed the heck out of building forts.

    1. For whatever reason, I did not inherit my dad’s engineering, but my brain swung over to my mother’s artistic side (she attended art school). I am confident that I could build something wondrous, but it would likely be a hazard to all living things. My kid sis is the go-to girl when I need help with repairs or assembling Ikea furniture.

  2. My brothers used to pilfer lumbar from some construction sites. They built a tree fort in a very tall tree in a field that stood the test of time for years. I was too little to be able to climb into it, but I admired it from afar. They would routinely get chased by construction workers for their thievery.

  3. An underground fort! Great idea, and a lot more fun than the sturdy fort my buddy and I built out of lumber washed up on our beach. Gathering the wood and building in the forest was fun, but a fort like ours was basically a detached room. Kinda boring.

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