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Jef set the template for ‘cool’ at the time, always on the periphery, throwing in clever, trenchant observations when needed.


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8 thoughts on ““Jef”

  1. He was always f-ing and jefing then?
    (Sorry, I should explain that ‘effin and jeffin’ is Brit slang for ‘a bit sweary’. Now, having had to explain that this was meant to be a joke, I shall go again… sorry, carry on…)

    1. Very witty, Bryntin. Though you broke a cardinal rule of humour, I enjoyed the comment and the sly witticism. (Thinks: this man must be a savant. But not the idiot kind)

  2. We all knew someone who was “advanced”…..not necessarily in a good way. I remember telling someone that I wasn’t allowed to hang out with them anymore. It was a total lie. If my mom knew what we were up to when I pulled the plug she would have absolutely freaked. I had to resort to self policing.

  3. Love to read about that story. My mum got fed up with my best friend. He was a bit of a reprobate to her. She set me up with a much improved friend of her choosing. May write about that.

  4. Jef sounds like he’s well-prepared to stir up some good office drama when he’s an adult.

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