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Picturing everyone in their underwear doesn’t work.


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12 thoughts on “Speech

  1. Very funny!

    Bet you’re at home sitting in you underwear
    Or Naked as Sir Winston Churchill was apt to do!
    A famous quote!

    A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”

    1. VV good. I had heard that one, very apt! As relieved as she was to get it done and dusted, that last part left a sour note.

      1. haha the sour note referred to her boss coming in at the end of the speech. V poor judgment on her part!

  2. Very true. It is that compulsion to say something, ANYTHING afterwards. You never hear, ‘fxck man, you were BRICKIN’ it!’ How refreshing that would be!

    1. I have been guilty of it myself, Candice. I become very uncomfortable at others’ discomfiture. My heart goes out to them in sympathy. Still, you tend to magnify those little faults. It is why many actors cannot stand to watch their own performances.

  3. I have had the odd occasion to speak publicly, it’s a drag when I suddenly become gripped with stage fright. It’s so annoying, my voice starts to shake, my hands shake, and I just have to get through it. And yet, stupidly, I sometimes volunteer for public presentations. I am not sure why….

    1. Super comment Anne! The adrenaline dump for me results in the shaky hands etc. It happened in my security gigs of the past. It is not 100% fear, maybe 50?

      1. Stage fright is hit and miss for me. Has happened out of the blue my whole life. Sometimes I am totally fine, other times a mess. But one thing that I have learned is to know the subject matter inside out, that’s critical.

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