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Car Trips

INSTA 41 1.png

INSTA 41 2 car trip

A sibling was handy to have, with whom to share suppressed laughter with. I must have ruptured something during some of our trips!


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10 thoughts on “Car Trips

  1. My sister and I would sleep on car trips, because we didn’t even have a pencil and map. We did however, have the dog breath and second hand smoke. Now, I can hardly keep awake when my husband and I go for a ride longer than 1/2 an hour.
    What really gets me is when the grandchildren are “bored” on a trip even though they have movies, games, and books to keep them occupied.

    1. Terrific comment, Candice! There’s no putting the genie back in THAT bottle. Kids will need constant stimulation on car trips. We are the last of dying breed who would gaze out the window pretending our fingers are a running man, leaping over fences and cow pastures!

  2. My parents jumped right on the TV in the car bandwagon when they could. I thought they were just wimping out, but now the shoe’s on the other foot ’cause I have four boys…. :D

      1. I would DIE without the TV. -well, maybe it’s more like one of the boys’ lives would be in peril…

  3. I’m not sure it’s a trip with siblings if there isn’t at least one fight over the dumbest thing ever and a threat to turn the car around this instant. XD

    1. thx for the comment. haha so true! Mum did most of the yelling, while dad grimly drove. There were a few unscheduled stops if u get my drift!

      1. Ha, I can imagine. My dad once had the brilliant idea to drive the family across the country with two teenagers on the back seat. That was fun. lol

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