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INSTA my face when.png

Or Prime Minister’s Office. And I thought I knew all the acronyms. Almost all – I have 2 teens.


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8 thoughts on “PMO

  1. I have lived this cartoon so many times! Acronyms trip me up all the time. This is especially tragic since I work at a company that speaks almost entirely in acronyms. I now know what it would be like to be subjected to a severe blow to the head.

    Great ‘toon, as always!

    1. You are the boss of kind comments, Biff. As I said, I am privy to all the hip and cool acronyms. It gets me no cache among the young, and I get a lot of side eye.
      A severe blow to the head? Surprisingly theuraputic.

      1. I’ve often heard it’s not safe to carry cache, especially around young, acronym-spewing hooligans. But I’ve never had any cache, so it was never a danger for me.

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