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Is THIS what they mean by ‘walks of life’? How’s your walk repertoire? My favourite is the extreme fast walk – just under jogging, it allows one to maintain a certain decorum while blazing down the sidewalk!


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9 thoughts on “Walks

  1. Excellent, as usual! Very funny. And you’re quite right: we do have different walks depending on our moods, circumstances, etc.

    My trademark walk at work is a brisk, confident walk wherein I try to disguise the fact that I have no idea what’s going on and feel like I’ll be found out at any moment.

    (Random tidbit: The title of your cartoon reminded me of Dire Straits’ “Walk of Life” video.)

  2. I like to walk–around the mall like I’m on a mission, so no one mistakes me for a mall walker, on a summer evening, a little slower, so I can take in every sight and sound, slower yet when I first get up in the morning, with my rickety knees objecting strongly.

    1. Ah the languid walk. Like how I imagine screen idols of yesteryear glide along lol. I had to relearn to walk after a brain injury. Now I can walk circles around most people.

  3. That brisk confident walk has served you well, Biff. Your secret shame is safe with me. Who would I tell? MI5?

  4. I am pretty sure I strut around when I have proven to be right in an argument, no matter how trivial.

    I also know someone (who shall remain nameless) who has a habit of breaking wind in public and walking away quickly….quite annoying.

    I have worked with people in a previous life who would walk on air when they received a massive bonus (that us pee-one didn’t get)….also annoying.

  5. Yeah, Anne. Peoples walks often annoy us. Like that mall walk that cuts you off. And the slow walk of the sidewalk texter .
    Sorry btw about the farting and walking. Like I’m gonna hang around and face the music!

  6. Most of mine involve kids. :D As such, I relate to the eggshells one. When they’re asleep, I want them to stay that way!

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