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Spatial Hair

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Yes, I had one of these as a child. Did you? Iron filings and a magnet make for minutes of fun.


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8 thoughts on “Spatial Hair

  1. I definitely had one! The magnet almost always instantly got lost upon purchase. And purchasing consisted of following my mom around the store holding in and whining for an hour until I finally wore her down and she got it for me. Then I would instantly lose the magnet and the toy was useless … unless, of course, you just shook it like erasing an Etch-a-Sketch to see what you could come up with due to randomness and entropy.

    Great post as always! Very funny!

    1. So happy this post found you, Biff, and tweaked some heretofore submerged memories. I whined (and whinged, for a change of pace) about that game KER PLUNK. If I did not get it for Xmas, well, there was no point living. Already had my suicide note prepared. It was a epicly major letdown. It did NOT make that cool sound like in the commercial. LOVE that old tech. Magnavox Odyssey, Fairchild VES Channel F, TRS 80, intellivision, VIC 20, TI 99. Any of those ring a bell, Biff?

      1. I remember the advertisements for KerPlunk! However, as I had no friends, there was no point in me asking for games of any sort that required more than one player. To my credit, I learned how to play a solitaire version of Monopoly. I may have invented it. I can’t remember.

        I do remember all those other things you mentioned. Especially the TRS-80. When I first entered college, those were considered “high tech” and we thought we were really something getting to write BASIC programs on the TRS-80. But very soon we were calling them “Trash-80″s for obvious reasons. I also lusted fervently after a Sinclair zx-80. The idea of building my own computer was highly erotic to me. Unfortunately, I did not have $100 to buy the kit. Or even the $2.95 for the postage it would take to mail it to me. I did get to program one in college though, using machine language. Good times!

  2. We never got any trendy gifts for Christmas except one year my brother got an amazing racing car set. We had lots of fun playing that, only it had to be returned because there was a manufacturers recall. Major let down. The only other thing I remember getting that was cool was “battling tops” and “silly string” which for some reason I was allowed to spray in the house!

    1. Battling tops was a MAJOR favourite. Allow me to list a few: Aurora racing set, Smashup Derby, the boardgame Careers, hot wheels, of course, with the orange track, to name but a few. Silly string in the house? Man, a lot of those things were dangerous as hell: water rockets, cap guns. I love a cap rocket that BANGED when it landed nose-first! Thanks for the memories Anne

  3. I had one of those too! I also had, for a brief time, a VIC 20. I also had one of the first Barbie dolls that rolled off the line, and an etch-a-sketch. I think my favourite toy was my View Master. I had a whole shoe box full of reels. My biggest disappointment was not getting the Easy Bake Oven that I longed for. I guess my mom thought, “If you’re going to bake a cake, you might as well bake one that will feed all of us!”

    1. View master was an epic kids’ toy. Genius. Never forget those images, some in 3D. Thx for the comment!

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