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I am actually worried about winning. How MUCH will it change me? I am skint a lot of the time, and yet I am ever courteous and of good cheer. That is because I have no horse worries or problems with my servants.


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10 thoughts on “Lottery

  1. Not gonna lie, I’d probably be mentally paralyzed if I ever won a huge sum of money. I’d probably buy a nice apartment, and… probably then make myself sick with worry about what else I’d do with money. I think the idea of a lot of money is probably a lot more entertaining than the reality of it XD

    1. Lol thx for the comment! Me too, I’d get a good guy, preferably not named Frenchie, to allocate my funds. I’d probably buy a lot of magic beans if I didn’t.

      1. You’re welcome! And I’m right there with you! I’d need someone with a better head on their shoulders than me to make sure I wouldn’t spend it all on pizza or something equally dumb! XD

  2. Another awesome ‘toon!

    I actually DO believe that money can buy happiness … but only up to a point.

    I heard a wise man say one time that lots of money just makes us more intense versions of who we already are. If we’re nice, generous people before money, we become more nice and more generous after we are wealthy. If we were A-holes before winning the lottery, we become bigger A-holes afterwards. (I’m paraphrasing.)

    Chances are, I’ll never find out, but it’s nice to dream.

    I would buy myself a lighthouse off the coast of Maine and become a very comfortable, very wealthy hermit.

  3. Have you ever watched that show about people who won the lottery and squandered away their winnings? I saw one episode and it made me squirm. These two guys were shockingly stupid, I could barely watch. Don’t be stupid if you win- k?

    1. Look Anne. If I want to squander it all on Greek yogurt (which I love), I will do so, thank you very much. heh heh, but seriously, cooler heads must prevail, and that is where a bloodsucking lawyer must take charge, unfortunately. They will then allocate how much of my windfall can go towards yogurt, and how much towards a solid gold statue of myself. 😀

  4. Blessing or Curse? It’s hard to say. I would want to share with my kids of course, but could they handle it? I just don’t know!

  5. I like the movie The Descendants. A character says about giving money to his kids: I’ll give them enough money to do something but not enough to do nothing.

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