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They Don’t Play By Society’s Rules



Hope you enjoyed that! This, of course, is meant as a blanket statement of all the elderly. Sorry, but there it is. Complaints, outrage, and finger-wagging in the comments, please. Unfollowing is yet another option to express your displeasure! What a time we live in!



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2 thoughts on “They Don’t Play By Society’s Rules

  1. Ah yes, I’ve observed all these things at various times. Since I’m soon to be “elderly”, I hope I can behave in a better mannered way.

  2. I’ll certainly be watching,Candice. 😉 Thanks for having a sense of humour. Yes, I just thanked you. It is possibly to be publicly shamed and hate-followed for less than that! Another wonderfull thing that social media has engenedered.

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