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Think Stink

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Bongo drums are my go-to for deep thinking, to each his own, I guess. What are some of your deep thinking go-to’s? We like to go in the steam room, my wife and I – a splendid place, as well. The fog within is a nice metaphor of the inside of my brain! Get my best ideas in there which, of course, immediately fade away as we emerge into reality again.


I am a Sansei, with two teens, and a hamster. This blog is a repository for ideas and observations, expressed in cartoon form, by and large. A bit of a journal too. Feel free to follow me on INSTAGRAM @ WILTOONS, (the Twitter for people who like to go out) where I post a journal comic. Thanks for dropping by! The pic is of me and my boy Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits. (not really a fan but he wanted his pic with me) © Wilton Sugiyama and Wiltoons, 2009 to 2020. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Wilton Sugiyama and Wiltoons with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. So there.

3 thoughts on “Think Stink

  1. Another awesome ‘toon! I nearly spewed my coffee when I read “Don’t make me hold up a finger of admonishment! Ah too late.” That was absolutely beautiful!

    I don’t think I have any deep-thinking go-to’s. Whenever I try to do any kind of thinking at all, I am almost always interrupted by something, so it’s a fool’s errand for me to try to do any thinking. Which I guess makes me an errant fool.

    And I can sympathize with what you said about ideas fading away so quickly. Mine usually disappear right about the time I sit down at the keyboard.

    Keep the great ‘toons coming!

    1. I am always pleased when I make readers spew whatever beverage they are enjoying! Almost all my comics are built around a kernel, a line that makes me laugh or smile. Like when you write stories, there is a fulfillment and pleasure from a completed idea, and that is before the validation received from readers such as yourself. I have reams of notes with phrases and sentences or ideas that I found funny, gleaned from podcasts, novels, stand-up comedy, overheard conversations. Most of this is largely unused, but it makes me a more observant and attentive listener. Love to listen, but given the right circumstances I can relate a good story. Thanks again for your praise, Biff.

      1. Beverage-spewing is the standing-ovation of the writing/cartooning world.

        I like your idea of keeping notes. I am the world’s worst note-taker. I really should try to get better at that. It is obviously working for you. Your cartoons are awesome!

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