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Another Year & East of Eden


Okay, is there anything better than a Mike Leigh film? Not really. Another Year is one of my all-time favourites, with a tour de force by Leslie Manville. I never get tired of this film, and these tragic-comic characters. Especially memorable, in a brief (literally a few minutes) but unforgettable role, Imelda Staunton.












Reading for the umpteenth time, East of Eden. This one actually teaches me new things every time I read it, as I get older, though not necessarily wiser. I have loved Steinbeck since I read Grapes of Wrath during lunch in high school. East of Eden has some funny and comic moments, and contains one of the most repellent characters in literature.


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Books I am Reading




With no qualification, here are some books I am enjoying right now! Elizabeth Strout, along with Mary Lawson, one of my favourite writers. What are YOU reading right now? Being the nosy parker I am, I seldom resist an urge to ask how a book is or what a person is reading. Get a LOT of great books that way!

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Think Stink

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Bongo drums are my go-to for deep thinking, to each his own, I guess. What are some of your deep thinking go-to’s? We like to go in the steam room, my wife and I – a splendid place, as well. The fog within is a nice metaphor of the inside of my brain! Get my best ideas in there which, of course, immediately fade away as we emerge into reality again.