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The Silent Patient & Woman in the Window




These two are very popular in North America right now. 15 year wait for these titles at the public library. Might as well read them inside your local bookstore. (if all else fails, buy the thing) I know that Woman in the Window will be a film very soon. Both of them have their merits – highly readable for lovers of the genre, of which I sometimes am. Both have a bombshell plot device embedded within. Shall I tell you what they are? I will not.

The Silent Patient (I keep wanting to say Partner) is written by an author with Greek extraction, and there is Greek Mythology folded into the story. It is told mainly from the therapist’s point of view.

Woman in the Window is about a woman who is housebound, essentially agoraphobic, and is a film buff, especially, and not surprisingly, Hitchcock. Elements of Rear Window prevail. (book shortly to be a feature film which is usually the kiss of death – perhaps this will be another Gone Girl, but I doubt it)

I will not qualify further, just that I roared through these books rather quickly. They kept me guessing, as is the purpose of these books, I suppose. I’m pretty easy to fool, all you mystery authors out there! Good thing I did not try to be a homicide detective – with my abysmal solve record, I’d be busted down to writing traffic tickets.

By the way, now that I’m on a mystery kick, Jane Harper has had me mesmerized of late. She is an Australian author and her books all take place in the outback, a favourite setting of mine. There should be more books set here. Also, the Antarctic. Perhaps, I’ll write that one, since I saw that Werner Herzog documentary.