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INSTA 0504INSTA 0504 2INSTA 0504 3INSTA 0504 4

Bit of autobio stuff. I know, euw, boo hiss etc, but it is my way of working through stuff and applying a humourous sheen to it that may not have been apparent at the time. At least the violence that occurred was against inanimate objects, not bodily in nature. Still, traumatic nevertheless.

As I mentioned, I intend on assembling these and publishing them (and, of course, retire from the proceeds). In any case, I enjoy putting these together. So there.

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Thieves 2

27 part 2.png

This is the other half of that ‘Thieves’ post. Link to Thieves 1. At least it will be big enough to see without a magnifying glass. I hope you like it.

I will be posting more ‘gag’ cartoons, for those of you who like that sort of thing, and have had enough of my autobiographical-type stuff. I too need a break, as it is a bit more time-consuming doing those ones. I have much more material unpublished which, as I said, I intend to publish at a future date.

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Flatulence Flashbacks


Now THERE’S a post to decrease my readership. As a chronicler of childhood things, is it any surprise that vulgarity raises its ugly and malodourous head?

Regarding this post, as a former boy, there was always a scatological bent to our reality, that cannot be denied, and always supplied.

I, for one, am going to miss bodily functions when we are all brains in jars.