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Flatulence Flashbacks


Now THERE’S a post to decrease my readership. As a chronicler of childhood things, is it any surprise that vulgarity raises its ugly and malodourous head?

Regarding this post, as a former boy, there was always a scatological bent to our reality, that cannot be denied, and always supplied.

I, for one, am going to miss bodily functions when we are all brains in jars.

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CREATURES  24 renee.pngI could have continued this on another post. However, I hate when strips do that – it makes me want to snap my HBs in half. Here is part 2 of 2. You are welcome.

CREATURES 24 pt 2.png

Love to hear your reaction. I had great fun with this, as I revisited this cherished memory. Ah Renée, where are you now? Saddled with kids and a mortgage, I don’t wonder. Vous souvenez-vous de moi?