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Jerry Seinfeld, of course, just may be the most well-respected comedian of the last 25 years. Respected among his peers which, I have alluded to, is the highest form of praise a comic can receive.

He is a ‘clean’ comic, that rarest of comedians. Jim Gaffigan and Brian Regan are among the few comics who can hold that revered title. It takes a special skill to craft material that can be appreciated by all ages. These are observational comics, a bit of a throwback, in terms of style. This is the comedy I grew up on, and which informed my writing, and drawing.

Comics these days, I find, mine their own personal stories for material, as Pryor did, back in the day. (Patton, Maron, Robin Williams, Jen Kirkman, even Gaffigan, in his latest special, and many more) Often, a painful, but funny narrative can emerge through workshopping material at clubs etc, seeing what works, what can be emphasized for humorous effect. The end product may not be as polished and tight, but therein lies the organic nature of this style of comedy – it is no less valid than the ‘old timey’ observational style.

Happy days! Jerry is coming to Vancouver this October – I am taking my mother. (my wife and I went years back) She is such a fan that she STILL quotes lines and scenes from the show. I took my wife last time he visited here a few years back, and he did NOT disappoint.

Tickets sold like hotcakes, and we will end up in separate seats, one behind the other! I plan to kick her seat through the whole show – how could I not?