9 Ways to Live to Be 100


** Credit where credit is due! My Uncle Guy, on the other side of the pond (or on your side depending), came up with these nuggets. And yes, I know how lucky I am to have such a cool uncle.

  1. GO FOR THE BURN. Don’t be too safe. Science is beginning to believe that small amounts of ‘stressors’, such as things like radiation and sunburn, turn out to be good for you. It is believed that it keeps the immune system in trim.


guy 1.png

2. DON’T BE A LONER. A good social life adds years to your life.


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3. CONSIDER RELOCATION. Some places in the world just have healthier people who live longer.

GUY 3.png

4. MAKE A VIRTUE OUT OF A VICE. Enjoy some of the things which are supposedly bad for you. They are probably good for you if not taken too regularly.

GUY 4.png

Sigh. Okay, not to such an extreme. Don’t hurt others or yourself.

5. EXERCISE THE LITTLE GREY CELLS. Keep your brain active. It’s an absolute necessity.

guy 5.png

6. SMILE. Most centenarians love to laugh. What does this tell you?



7. USE SCIENCE FOR EARLY DIAGNOSIS. Take trouble to feel how you are, and watch for early signs of problems.

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8. WATCH WHAT YOU EAT. You can eat your way to 100, but sadly it won’t involve much food!



9. GET A LIFE! Do a few things which really get the adrenaline going!

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I enjoyed making these and thanks for dropping by! Have any other tips on how to reach 100? (aside from the obvious, by not dying)

Holler Scholar


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As comedian Paul F. Tompkins alluded to, in one of his hilarious routines, everything we do is done to avoid getting yelled at. Just by standing in the wrong line, we are vulnerable to getting yelled at. Isn’t it the worst? I immediately revert to childhood and become sullen and self-defensive. If there is anything to kick on the ground, I will kick it. Well, I didn’t know, and I did not see that giant sign in day-glo letters.

There is one omission – the boss. It goes without saying that he/she may communicate through yelling only. Oh, and plus I just forgot!