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You know me, I like to share what I like . . .


Wittertainment, in case you don’t know, is the Twitter handle for the radio programme, Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review. It is heard on BBC Radio 5 live or, as a podcast, for those of a tech bent. (which I am, to those over the age of 75) I have listened to the programme since about 2009.

Simon Mayo, Mark Kermode

Those who know me well, are aware that I am film fanatic. I think I draw cartoons only to distract me from this borderline obsession of mine. Film discussion is another pleasure of mine. Those who know me, know I can ‘witter’ on for hours on the subject.

The format consists of, well, a lot of wittering. Embedded within the word witter is, of course, ‘wit‘, and there is much of that. It is this that elevates this above the standard fare from North America, through NPR and other long established film podcasts. (Filmspotting, Film Junk are my favourites)

They do snag interviews with A-listers like all the Toms (Cruise, Hardy, Hanks) Scarlett, all the Natalies and Emmas.

Even this guy. Say hello to Jason Isaacs.(podcast in-joke)

Every episode contains not only their own film reviews, but reviews of the public at large. People just like us, with mortgages, toothaches, and cars with pending maintenance issues. These keep the show grounded and accessible, though if you are not English, a few of the references will not make sense. Or a kind of annoying sense.

Highly recommended listening, just enter Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review into your podcatcher. They have been together so long that there is a sublime chemistry between them.

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Another Year & East of Eden


Okay, is there anything better than a Mike Leigh film? Not really. Another Year is one of my all-time favourites, with a tour de force by Leslie Manville. I never get tired of this film, and these tragic-comic characters. Especially memorable, in a brief (literally a few minutes) but unforgettable role, Imelda Staunton.












Reading for the umpteenth time, East of Eden. This one actually teaches me new things every time I read it, as I get older, though not necessarily wiser. I have loved Steinbeck since I read Grapes of Wrath during lunch in high school. East of Eden has some funny and comic moments, and contains one of the most repellent characters in literature.


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VET CLINIC.pngThis film trope is a standout for me. It is very popular on the small screen, as well.

The protagonist stumbles in, trailing dime-sized drops of blood on the tile. The vet on duty, displays a look of disapproval while slowly shaking his head. He crooks a finger, and our hero (or antihero) sidles in to the exam room. Hand clasped to the injured area (usually an arm, leg, or a buttock wound; it is never a mortal wound, except when it is), our hero reveals a nasty bullet/knife wound.

The vet (still slowly shaking his head) reluctantly treats our hero, with great panache, while complaining about the cost of bandages, swabs, and tape. Our hero reclines on a short gurney obviously purpose-built for dogs and cats, his legs drooping comically off the edge.

The scene then cuts to the vet biting off the stitching thread and tying it. A quip is made by the vet or our hero about rabies, animal drugs, and how usually he would be extracting ticks rather than bullets from his patients. Aaaand Scene!

Thanks for dropping in! There are literally thousands of these tropes – any others that stand out for you?