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National Indigenous Peoples Day 2019

This is a very important day IMO, in Canada. As in many other countries, Canada treated its indigenous peoples very poorly and disrespectfully. A slow movement towards reconciliation is taking place, but the scars run very deep. Especially, with the history of residential schooling, that, arguably, attempted to erase their culture and history. I have a strong affinity with native peoples – my father worked in what was called ‘Indian Affairs’ in the federal government. Not to mention, I had a lot of friends in school, from various bands, including the Musqueam Nation. Sadly, they were all sidelined and on the periphery in the schools, and, unfairly, deemed as threats.



These beautiful native women put on a most haunting and mesmerizing performance.




Wiki: Bannock, skaan (or scone), or Indian bread,[12] is found throughout North American Native cuisine, including that of the Inuit of Canada and Alaska, other Alaska Natives, the First Nations of the rest of Canada, the Native Americans in the United States, and the Métis.

It did not take me long to find the food truck, it’s a special skill I have.  😀  My wife works in after-school care at a special school where the student body is 90% indigenous, unique in Canada.

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How’s YOUR social interactions?

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With side hustles, and an unending deluge of new content on social media platforms, ‘phubbing’ (portmanteau of phone and snubbing) the new normal, even these fleeting social interactions may be a thing of the past. Even self service kiosks at the supermarket make the extent of our conversational input relegated to ‘It’s not scanning’ and ‘Unknown item in bagging area’. Now I am off to the gym (‘can you please get off the equipment with your phone’).