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Books I am Reading




With no qualification, here are some books I am enjoying right now! Elizabeth Strout, along with Mary Lawson, one of my favourite writers. What are YOU reading right now? Being the nosy parker I am, I seldom resist an urge to ask how a book is or what a person is reading. Get a LOT of great books that way!

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Coming to an Ice Rink Near You!


This idea resided in my head, like an unwanted guest. Well, I gave it an eviction notice! I actually got the idea from a Woody Allen short story. It is the one where the character has a machine that will allow one to actually reside in whatever fictional book (i.e. Madame Bovary) you throw into it. The story ends (spoiler alert) with the character accidentally throwing in a high school Spanish text book, and entering THAT world. Few stories have ever made me laugh harder!