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A bit of silliness. You didn’t come here to be educated, after all. Some cultures value a blank expression, as it keeps your secret feelings intact (the Japanese side, me). On the other hand, there is my all-too expressive English side, where there is no subterfuge. Mum goes through hundreds of facial expressions in a minute – it is close to aerobic exercise.

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How’s YOUR social interactions?

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With side hustles, and an unending deluge of new content on social media platforms, ‘phubbing’ (portmanteau of phone and snubbing) the new normal, even these fleeting social interactions may be a thing of the past. Even self service kiosks at the supermarket make the extent of our conversational input relegated to ‘It’s not scanning’ and ‘Unknown item in bagging area’. Now I am off to the gym (‘can you please get off the equipment with your phone’).

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Monday Funnies


Remember ‘getting’ the manager? Sorry, he said ‘no’. (20 minutes later)

Who here has something they love that YOUR parents foisted upon you. For me, it was James Herriot’s vet series (couldn’t sleep, had it thrust upon me at age ten), mum loved comedian/actor Tony Hancock, and so did I, and devoured his entire oeuvre, eventually! Most of MY efforts to engage my kids in what floated my boat have found little purchase.  I’ve got the broad swathe of social media to compete with! Hopefully, my fine example as a law-abiding citizen will . . . well, maybe not.