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The Reverse Selfie

george 1.png

This idea tickled me – to have a gallery of photos taken by famous celebs. It is almost as idiotic as TAKING selfies. Blessedly handsome and dashing as I am, even I tire of seeing my mug in every photo that I take.

It has become an end-all, be-all way of proving something happened. I am quite close to just taking pictures of myself in front of famous vistas a la the ‘roaming gnome’.

The fact that you didn’t capture a moment didn’t mean it didn’t happen. It just made you a way less interesting person.

Imagine how flummoxed your celeb would be if he or she was asked to take a picture of the person in question, the fan. They would never forget you, I can tell you. And you would have a picture of yourself taken by that celeb. On your word. Which, as you know, is worth the paper that it is written on.

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