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World’s Easiest Job


It would be wonderful if, as part of the ritual of growing up, that you had to do a stint as a bike messenger on a desert island, in the backend of nowhere. This might allow the parents a respite from that self destructive and anarchic period known as ‘adolescence.’  (And yes, I have two children within that realm)

I am no psychologist (though I can dress like one), but I feel that the mind would be wonderfully in trim, without all that excess and flabby thinking. Our introspectiveness would allow us to burgeon in ways one cannot imagine. We would be like that cool guy who seems to anticipate every possible situation, and always says the perfect thing. That is, instead of a typical fool whose brain is cluttered with so much banal TV/film trivia, and meaningless catch phrases that he must issue short piercing screams from time to time.

What do I know? I draw cartoons (I prefer Dan Clowes’ term ‘Ink Stud).