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Sequoia Update

Back in the ‘naughts’, (2003 or so) we drove down to Crescent City from Vancouver Canada. That is about 1,000 km or 10 hours straight driving. That is standard op for us – we have driven to San Francisco, and Edmonton on occasion. Good thing I dig driving, and with an infinite number of podcasts in existence, it is even more pleasurable.

We stopped by the Trees of Mystery (spoiler alert, the mystery are some really big trees, like redwoods and sequoia, which grow like weeds in that area).

Our 4 year old daughter, at the time, was quite captivated by the giant Paul Bunyan (who speaks extemporaneously) statue that is there. The trees, of course, are giant and unsettling, as are all living things that have been present since the years were in two or three digits.

There is another Paul Bunyan in Bemidji, MN – we didn’t have time to visit that one.

Before turning around, and driving northward toward home, I bought a glass tube with a sequoia seedling within.

Aren’t they adorable?

Planted it in my parents backyard, subjected it to our West Coast climate for 17 years or so.



Pretty confident that it is sucking all the ground water for miles around. Anyway, it will serve to remind them what a great son they have in me!