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INSTA 0414 2

Happened to me recently. Feeling benevolent towards mankind (it was a Tuesday), I decided to ‘pay the dealer’ and put a few sheckles to the needy. It was a bit awkward when my card betrayed me and would not process. I had changed the PIN code and, in the heat of the moment, I forgot! Way to let me down, brain! I scuttled away with my coat over my head.

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The Age of Anger

INSTA 0513 1.png

I become hyper articulate as I become angrier. Nobody wins in that scenario, believe me.  If you have ever had the pleasure of THAT coming at you, it is like a red cape to the bull. You are wrong and here’s why. Or I become UNarticulate, as my brain, aghast at the indignities and fueled with the righteousness of my argument, spins its wheels. Sigh. What works for YOU? If counting works for you – lucky for you, that’s seldom worked for me!