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I’ll Get the Dog To Go, Please



In my ever vigilant search for cuteness, I hit pay dirt! Some things just make your day. Someone else getting a parking ticket for a change, finding a twenty dollar bill in your wife’s jacket pocket, when the toilet paper end is folded to a point, I could go on.

This is a lady friend’s new puppy, complete with saggy skin and ungainly legs, not that he will need them, as his favourite method of conveyance is her handbag.

French bulldog cross? Slipped my mind, as my oxytocin levels were skyrocketing. Hazard a guess in the comments. His name? BRUNO. Of course. Don’t feed after midnight.

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Saw this cutie-pie in (when else) the middle of my run and HAD to stop to say hello! The owner was unsure of the mix beyond King Charles spaniel, I thought perhaps beagle? Well, his name was “Bagel” so . . .

I wanted to play with him but needed to complete the run! :-)