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Think Stink

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Bongo drums are my go-to for deep thinking, to each his own, I guess. What are some of your deep thinking go-to’s? We like to go in the steam room, my wife and I – a splendid place, as well. The fog within is a nice metaphor of the inside of my brain! Get my best ideas in there which, of course, immediately fade away as we emerge into reality again.

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GRIMACE was a character in McDonald’s (McDonaldland) commercials, that saw its heyday in the 1970s and 80s. He was cast as a ‘well-meaning simpleton’, a role I would have been born to play. Thanks to Grimace, and his supporting players, (like Ronald McDonald himself, the Hamburglar, and Mayor McCheese et al), millions of children have grown up to become burdens on the medical system!


I really need to grow up.