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Nuisance Bears


A fed bear is a dead bear. This charming bit of propaganda has been brought about by idiots and Instagram (the Twitter for people who like to go outside) devotees who like to feed wildlife. In turn, the wildlife (usually bears) become used to looking to humanity for sustenance. This leads to many unpleasant bear/human interactions. They then are deemed as ‘nuisance bears’ and either are relocated or, in a majority of cases, euthanized.

These are like those All You Can Eat restaurants for bears.

Where we live, in British Columbia, the problem is rampant. The urban centres are not immune to frequent visitations by bears, and smaller wildlife. It saddens and maddens me, by turns, that people continue to feed bears, dooming them in the process.

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Do not feed the bears, but feeding my ego is A-ok! Comments welcome!