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CREATURES 19.pngYou may notice that I am doing more long-form posts. Less funny, more truth. Memory is a great resource when it is firing on all cylinders. I am trying to capture vignettes of my life in a graphic form. It is fun to do, and not without some emotional resonance. They are also more time-consuming to do than your typical gag cartoon.

A few of you have expressed some positive feedback and that means a lot. It is a bit like having the wind at your back, as you embark on a journey. Should I have the time to assemble enough of these, I may self-publish a short run of books. However, I only want to concentrate on the stories right now. Please do continue to comment, they’re a great incentive-izer!

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Coffee is For Closers . . .

In my current efforts to inundate the Internet with my foul content, my Toons can now be seen on Instagram at Wiltoons. I even post stuff that hasn’t appeared on my blog yet. (sound of retreating footsteps) Hey come back! I’ll throw in complimentary hot toddys. (Offer void in Hawaii and Alaska. Nothing personal.)


BONUS FRIDAY TOON (from the olden days)


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